About Me

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Hello friends,

M shubhangi from India.

What made me work online ?  You must be thinking that..

I born and brought up in Mumbai,  The Economical Capital of India, a place which never sleeps, that’s true.

For some good reason, we shifted from Mumbai to a nearby suburban area.

Lovely place, but my grown up children and I found ourselves out of place.  We were going through an adjusting phase.

Since I am no Tv buff, I have ample of time, with no clue to what to do next.

I had no social contacts, no friends…my only entertainment was my computer.

Most of my time I spent was searching the net.  Most of the time doing some research on Reiki….yes, I am Reiki Master .Check my website reikiamazes.com.  All credit goes to WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

While searching online, I have come across some fantastic job opportunities.  I just ignored all of them…might be scams !!!

One fine day, just out of curiosity, I just logged in one of the sites, and Oh gosh !!  I am making money the moment I joined.

You are right.   I have joined one of the PTC sites.   I  thrilled and continue to work, till now.   It’s CLIXSENSE , one of the most trusted PTC site online.

Later on, I joined some more sites, continue to work from home, and I am happy.

I am working from home, without leaving my children, kitchen ( ya , I just love cooking, cleaning….. anything related to..).  And guess what, I am earning too !!

I just love working online, without leaving my home, m earning and doing my Reiki work also.

This is one of the ways you can work from home.  I can teach Reiki from home using Skype.  Wonderful no !!

One can organise webinar from the place of your comfort !!

You can work  the hours you  want, no boss,  You are your own boss !!

boss 1


Working Online is not usual 9 to 5 job.  The most fantastic thing for me is that I don’t have to travel in a horrible traffic or terrifying rush in the trains.

If you know what is office hours travelling on the train in India, then you know what I mean .


I don’t have to travel miles for earning my livelihood.

But you need to be careful while working online.

  • Always do proper research and review about the company.
  • you must not procrastinate your work , try to complete it within given period.
  • Hard work is a must for online jobs.
  • Make money online is not a get rich scheme, you have to be patient and persistent with your work.
  • Last but not the least, you should have passionate about what you are doing.

I think enough of myself,  let’s start some work !!

I assure you success if you follow the guidelines.

Bye for now.