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While working for blogs, we need to create good visuals or eye-catching images,  and there are some wonderful resourceswi available.  But I find this tool really AMAZING as its really easy to use and without any bells and whistles.


Amazing Text Generator Tool

 Text-Magic Tool

Text-Magic is an online tool for awesome text creation in PNG, JPEG and GIF format.  It’s totally free to use, no need to log in or create an account.   Just enter your text,  and click generate and your text is ready with your desired effect.


The form is as simple as it, above text is created by using these color codes.  You can create hundreds of text effects by choosing different variations of color codes and fonts.  You can create simple text generation to logos for your website.

create text effects


















Just unchecked the box of “Transparent” and you will get a totally different result.


uncheck transparent box

Another great feature of this tool is you can upload an image up to 4000×4000 pixels in size. Available output formats are PNG, JPG, and GIF, with PNG providing the best image quality in most cases.



I have created this image for my online shop SsoulHealers at Zazzle and  this logo for the shop.

Create Text Avatar For Your Blog !

Text Avatar for your blog

Some more examples



without background


with background


Metalic Look

Metallic Effect


Create interesting effects from “Shape” tab.Spiral Effect

Spiral Effect

Spiral Effect



Circle Effect

Circle Effect


Arc Down Effect

Arc Down Effect


Arch up Effect

Arc up effect


Play around this tool to create your own Amazing Text Effects.

How do you find this tool, is it helpful to you, let me know in comments below, and start creating your own Amazing Text Magic!




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