Are You Destined To Do A 9 to5 Job Or Own Your Online Business?

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Choosing your career is the most crucial step for everyone.  In your chosen career you want to work for an employer or to have your own business in another crucial question to most of us.

No doubt recent trends clearly shows it that majority of people now choosing to have their own business rather than work for others as an employer.

Why people are so drastically leaning towards  “having your own business” trend.  Another recent study reveals some stats about it .

49-66% prefer their own business for greater flexibility of work hours.

28-31 % prefer it to save money on transportation.

63-71%   people prefer to work online to avoid the commute, avoiding traffic, traveling long hours are the major no-no for most of them.


Having your own business is a daunting task, at the same time very self-satisfying.  Is having your own business is always beneficial ?  What is it’s pros and cons ?

First, let’s see what are the benefits of having your own business.


Pro’s of having your own business


Can make your own decisions 

You are the major decision maker regarding your business.  You don’t have to depend on your boss for the approval.  You are directly responsible for your decisions for production, pricing, and marketing.

Flexibility of work hours

This is one of the major reason why people like to work as the business owner.  Your own business provides a flexible timetable to work.  You can decide your work hours, so you decide the priorities in your life.  You are able to spend quality time with your family and friends.

You can follow your passion

When you work for yourself, you can follow your passion.Make your passion your business platform.  It is easier to work with your passion. Actually, you enjoy working for your business.

At the beginning of a business, you may need to work long hours to establish it and that time your passion overcomes the hurdle of working long hours for your business.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Earning potential with your own business is virtually unlimited as against working as an employee for somebody else.  When you are an employer, you can not expect anything more than your annual payout.  But when your  business gets steady, earning potential is unlimited.

Connect directly with your clients

As a business owner, you have the opportunity directly connect with your clients, solve their problem, help them to solve their problems.

Create Your Own Brand

As against a day job, you can create your own brand and authority in this whole process.

Can Challenge yourself

As a business owner, you have to learn a lot about your business.  You are responsible for your every decision, good or bad.

Offering a service to society

Whatever your business is, you offer a service or a product to society.  you are giving back something to society.  It gives you a self-satisfaction.

Sense of Pride

When you own and run a business for yourself, it gives you a sense of pride.

It boosts your confidence and your ability to handle the problems.

Cons of having your Own Business


Unpredictable payouts

Till your business is well-established payouts can not be determined.  In the beginning, payouts are most unpredictable  and have to be mentally prepared for emergencies.

But remember –  risks comes with rewards.  If the ratio of  hard work and productivity is maintained, most businesses become successful over time.


Can be lonely

Building your own business can be lonely at times if you don’t have a strong support of your family and community.  You are responsible for every single decision you make, so it can be scary at times .

Risk of Failure

While starting out a new business, the risk of failure can be fearful.  But as we said, if you work hard, patient and consistent – the risk vanishes.

Always on the clock

When you are the boss, you are always on the clock.  There are no fixed hours of working, at the end of the day, you may find that you are working overtime !!


But on a serious note, pros overweigh the cons, and for me, I am having a blast while owning my business !! Click To Tweet



Should I go for Offline Business or Online – Which is the best ?


Three major popular structure for business are :

1.Brick and Morter.

2. E-commerce / Online Business.

3.Brick and Click.


1. Brick and Morter Business 

Brick and Morter, typically is a traditional way of doing business, where you have a physical place to own your business like shop, bank etc.  It is a popular form of business as people can come, see and browse their products.  Choose one and shop for it.  Research shows that 73% of consumers prefer to try the product before the buy.


Consumers typically spend 40% more on physical shops compared to 25% for Online,  when it comes to unintended shopping !

A Physical business plane like a shop creates a sense of trust in customers.

Physical shop adds an element of professionalism to your business.


More expensive than Online business as more spending is needed on infrastructure and human resources.

Online business can be run 24×7, 24 hours as compared to physical shop – having limited working hours.


2. Online Business

The Internet has opened the vast opportunities to develop your own business in a cost effective manner.

Business can be operated by starting your own website, through affiliate marketing, selling products etc.

1.starting your own website, through affiliate marketing, selling products etc.

2.through affiliate marketing, selling products etc.

3.selling products etc.


When you own a website, there are a number of ways, through which your can earn dollars in a scam free way.

At the same time, it is cost-effective too, compare to a physical store.

E-commerce is the best-accredited strategy, for online business.

Electronic Commerce / E-Commerce is a segment of a larger business model, through which one is able to conduct business over the Internet.  When you buy or purchase online, you are using E-Commerce.

It is most convenient, as it works 24×7, 24 hours a day.

It gives better opportunities for selection. Selection is wider than physical shop, as sometimes it is not possible / viable to have all the products in the shop.


No Instant Gratification, as it can take days to deliver your product.

You can not feel the product –  see, touch  the product on the website.

Always shop from websites which provide secure payment processors, to avoid the fraudulence.



3. Brick and Click.

Brick and Click, is kind of business model that offers both the Online and Offline operations.  In short, you can have a website, at the same time you own your physical shop also.

It is also referred as an omnichannel strategy.

Merging both these channels provide customers –

enhanced shopping experience with more choices.

Online retailers can benefit from the physical shop, as it also increases website traffic.

SEO techniques used properly, make it possible to get a great amount of traffic from net searches.  About 70% of shoppers, at some stage, use the Internet for research, compare and purchase the product.


So, now we have discussed the different structures of business,  which one you go for ?

Fantastic, I hear you saying “Online Business”!!


  1. Tip :  Start your business as a part-time, as long as you are organized, with a couple of hours a day, it is possible to build your business online.  See how it works and go        ahead !
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Success formula for you !

Read this carefully – 80% Success in anything is your Psychology, 20 % of mechanics – Tony Robbins.

This is the real secret for your Business.  If you know what are your goals, and how to achieve your goals – half the work is done !

What is a success for you ?



If you are determined to have your own business online, then make sure you know the truth about it !

Online Business is not a get rich scheme

it needs hard work, patience, and persistence like any other business.  Why do people expect instant results from online business ?

The Internet is a place where everything happens instantly, we can send a message with a click, can connect with each other in a click, with a simple search you can get any information you could ever imagine.  This instant mindset bleeds into the internet business world.

The Internet is flooded with getting rich offers, people get mislead by shiny object syndrome – ads showing big cars and houses, within no time.

The reality is a successful business won’t happen in months – it needs hard work, patience, and persistence.

Things to remember while building your own business.

Believe in yourself

Believe that it going to work, Online success is not a myth.  there are a number of people who are working online and successful.  If they can, why can’t you?  Believe in your decision, in your hard work, patience, and persistence.  One day you will be successful , believe in yourself that you can do it !

Patience, persistence, and hard work

These three are going to work for you.  If you continue to hard work, persistence with your work and have the patience to wait for the success, there is no reason, you won’t be successful.

Have realistic expectations

People tend to fail Online, because of their unrealistic expectations.

People working in  9-5 jobs, work for years, get a promotion or raise after 5 to 10 years.   you work an average of 35-40 hours per week, for 52 weeks per year. That is 2,000+ hours.  Extrapolate that over 10 years, and you have spent 20,000 hours to get a meaningless increase in wages.

But when people work online, they expect to get rich in months !

Can you just imagine, what will be the result if you put so much hard work in your own online business ?  But at the beginning, you have to be realistic !

Invest Money in your business

Don’t afraid to invest in your business.  Online Business needs comparatively very low investment to start with.  So make a little investment, after all, it’s your own business and in the online world, you have to invest either in time, money or both !

Assume that you are going to open a restaurant offline, how much money do you need ?   The startup cost for a restaurant can be $40k and it can be $1 million.

 Roughly outlined -Premises,Equipment,Modification to premises,Licenses, food and beverages and so- on.

If you can invest for an offline business, then why not for Online Business ?

And what if it could be in less than $500 ? for a fully functional your Own Online Business !

Focus on Long Term Results

Always focus on long term results and not on short term. Rome is not built in a day ! Give your business enough time to grow and establish. Your business will thank you for that !

Surround yourself with likeminded, successful people

Communities, forum play a major role here.  Always be in a company with the like-minded person, who can encourage you and guide you in a right way.

Do your research properly

Before joining any program, research it very well.  Always Google and find out about the program, read its review and make your decision!

Best Online Opportunities 


Some of the Legit Online Opportunities are listed here, namely

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Wealthy Affiliate is the  most cost effective and cheapest online program.

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WA is THE honest and ethical online program.

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Wealthy Affiliate is honest about no upsells.  If you are a free member, then you only need to be premium.  Once you are a premium member, there are absolutely no upsells.  All the tools and training is freely and equally available to all the premium members.

Even if you compare Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, no upsells !

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WA is the Safest place to have your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is the safest place, as site protection is provided to each and every website hosted at WA.

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The highlight of the WA is UP-TO-DATE training.

Training at WA is exceptional, always up-to-date and relevant.  Live Webinar per week, + minimum 4 new pieces of training by WA members on different topics, make WA is the most up-to-date training center.

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WA provides ALL ROUND training.

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WA is an ALL IN ONE program.

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The Atmosphere in Wealthy Affiliate is amazingly warm and encouraging.  The WA community works in a total spam free atmosphere, not allowing any sales in the community.

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WA community is ONE OF A  KIND.

The main essence of Wealthy Affiliate is – its Training and amazing Community.  Members from  195 countries, with whooping 8,00,000 + members, a community which never sleeps.  Even if you ask a question at 2.00am, there is someone to answer your question and help you out !  Wealthy Affiliate is the largest Internet Marketing community.

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Success Stories

A programme is successful only when it delivers results, and in Wealthy Affiliate, success stories are very common.

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So, what do you think, what is better having your own business or a 9-5 job?  Please let me know your thoughts about it.  If you have any question or doubt, please drop a comment below.

Last thing I want to tell  you….



18 thoughts on “Are You Destined To Do A 9 to5 Job Or Own Your Online Business?”

  1. There is nothing more liberating or fulfilling than successfully running your own business! I started creating my own online based business right out of college and have never looked back or considered working for someone else. My family was a little skeptical at first considering I went to school for Finance and ended up doing a ton of programming and graphic design.

    • Yes, Nick, it’s quite fulfilling that you own a business. It’s really a good idea to start early as it takes some time to establish any business, be online or offline. I am sure your family must be proud of you now:)

  2. This write-up is just the one for me. I am about to leave my 9 to 6 job in a few months and enter into full time blogging and photography. Though I had thought of most of the points you mentioned, there I some I never thought about and will have to give it a proper insight. Thanks for the tips

  3. Beautifully written! Breaking from 9-5 is such a happy and adventurous journey, but at the end of the day, the decision was completely yours and that’s is very fulfilling.

    • Yes Inyene, it’s adventurous at the same time very fulfilling. Making a decision of having your own business and working for it, making it successful – itself is a journey.

  4. Great and motivating post, though the pros stick to me as am a believer that I will always make it, I dont look for cons… thanks for the share.

    • Yes Veethee, that’s the ideal way to start up. Once you are ready to create your own business, you are on the right track of having your own business – be a part time or full time.

  5. IF you are in a 9 to 5 job, but you have an ambition to start a company, begin your aggressive give-back program now. I don’t care what it is–help people to network, write a good blog, do philanthropic work, be nice to people, comment on someone else’s blog, retweet stuff, run for office in your small town. Whatever you can do to give back. You have more time to do it now than when you start your company.

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