Do Not Join Wealthy Affiliate ….Definitely You Are Going to Regret…

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Yessssss….you heard that right !!!!

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If you don’t read this post…..definitely you are going to regret it later…

Don’t blame me then ♥♥


Why am telling you not to join the Wealthy affiliate, will be cleared from following facts.

 But first, let’s see what is Wealthy Affiliate is all about?

Wealthy Affiliate is an All In One Program for your success:

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online University which teaches each and everything about how to start your  Online Career – whether you want to be a blogger, E-book writer, want to start your own Youtube Channel, or have your e-commerce site, WA provides you all needed tools and training.

Wealthy Affiliate = Tools + Training + Community Support + All Technical Support, which is  beyond compare – online or offline.

Just have a look :

Tools :

Free Websites, free hosting, free Keyword tool – to all members including free members.

Training :

1.Get Started : Level 1 – Level 5 ( each includes 10 lessons), Level 1 training is available to all including  free members.  Get Started Here !

2. Affiliate Boot camp : Phase 1 – Phase 7 ( each phase includes 10 lessons), Phase 1 – is available to all including free members. Get Started Here !

3. Live Webinar at every weekend by Jay.  Check the latest !

4.Minimum 4 pieces of training per week by community Members !

One of the most popular training by Veronica-a WA community member- Pl Check her Training !

6 Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Blog

Veronica just celebrated her 9th anniversary with Wealthy Affiliate, she shares her feelings with WA community members – Check here. 

Community Support :

Wealthy Affiliate is highlighted for its training and community support.  More than 8,00,000 members of more than 150 Countries, WA is truly an amazing community.  Every member believes in pay in beforehand.

Not to forget the Moral Support readily available by Kyle and Carson – Owners of  Wealthy Affiliate. Premium  Members have full access to them via Live Chat and  Private Messaging  system.

Technical Support :

Technical Support is awesome at WA.  Julie shares her experience.  Read Here.

P.S. Also read the comments below her post, to get more idea about what Community members say about the technical support at WA.

Latest happenings in Wealthy Affiliate 

Wealthy Affiliate is a community which keeps itself  UP-TO-DATE  to the latest happenings with online trends.

So what is the latest update within WA?

SSL is free with Wealthy Affiliate !!


I know you will not believe it but ..

SSL certificates are by default to each and every website which are hosted on WA platform,except sites on

Carson informed the latest development with the community.  Read Here.

How amazing is that ?  Without spending extra $100 + / per year,  for SSL,you are getting it for free!


So now you must be thinking that why am saying not to join Wealthy Affiliate…

Yes, I am telling you not to join Wealthy Affiliate..

…NOW !!!!


The best time to join Wealthy Affiliate is when WA announces its  Black Friday Sale !

WA Black Friday Sale-2016.



Wealthy Affiliate monthly membership of $49 costs you $588 ($49 x 12 = $588)

Annual Onetime membership costs you $359

But if you join Wealthy Affiliate during Black Friday Sale it costs you only $299 for a whole year, costs you less than a dollar per day.

You save almost 50% by joining on this sale. ($588-$299=$289).

Best Opportunity for Indians and other members to join Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is not free to join for India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Phillippines, and Vietnam.

These country members can save their money by directly join on Black Friday Sale. This way they can save their money  – since it is not free for these countries, members have to join by paying full monthly membership i.e $49 as well as   the first-month concession of $ 19 – is not available to these members.

So pay $299 for yearly, and save additional $30 that you are paying.


And that’s not all – best is yet to come !

Once you are enrolled your annual membership with $299 on Black Friday sale, then you will pay the same price every year – NOOOO Hike in your Membership Fee !- as long as you continue to stay with Wealthy Affiliate .  That’s Just Great !

I don’t think there is any another online community which is so cost effective and cheapest.

Wealthy Affiliate is the most economical and low priced Online University as you have to deduct the $100 + per year for SSL certificates for all your websites, not for only ONE of your website.

$229-$100=$129 for a whole year of Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate !

Wealthy Affiliate increases its monthly membership fee from $47 to $ 49 after 11 years of its inception- since this September 2016.  Can you just believe an increase of mere $2 in 11 years? And that is too with top most and unparallel tools, training, support online by 24 x 7 x365 ?



Don’t Miss This Opportunity



Insider Stories

And  still, if you are thinking if it is worth to invest in Wealthy Affiliate, please read what the members of WA say about this –

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?– 

What WA community says on why they choose to be with Wealthy Affiliate – James Blog post 

Lastly, go through this thread where WA community members share their views on Is there any better place to build your business than Wealthy Affiliate ?

My Two Cents on Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the best Online Opportunity you can have to build your Online Business and read –  why building Online Business is much cost effective than having your real physical business here

2. How Wealthy Affiliate can help you to build your business – read my review on Wealthy Affiliate.


I hope you take this huge opportunity of Black Friday Sale to build your dream of owning your business and create your online presence.  To know the more details on Black Friday Sale, sign in for Earn Dollars Scam Free !

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