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This one free tool can give you unlimited animated fancy texts for your blogs and  for sharing on social media.


What is

Makermoon is free site where you can create banners, fancy texts, photo galleries, slideshows, one pagers(one page website) totally free.  Yep, totally free, you not even need to  open an account.

But if you have an account, you can save all your projects and use it later on.  Free members can not download projects to computer. So it’s always better to have an account, it’s free to open an account.

How can makermoon help you?

With makermoon you can create

Animated Banners (more than 10, for free members)

This is just an example, make your own animated banners within minutes!

 Create Fancy Texts.

Photo Gallery

Upload your images and its ready to show your products on your blog.

Three types slides are available for free members.

Accordion Slider

Simple Slider

Multiplex Slider


Accordion slider looks great, as you just need to hover the image, Simple slider and Multiplex Slider needs  you to click manually  on every slide.


Gallery Maker slideshow



One Pagers

One Pagers are one page websites, easy to create but some features are not available to free members.

One pager websites


Make your own beautiful Slideshows to share with Facebook and Twitter.  Upload your images and it’s ready to go!


Slideshow to share with Facebook and Twitter


Makermoon is a fantastic free tool to create your animated banners and text.

Just remember, you can not download your projects.  So create an account and save all your work to use it later !

Let’s start creating some amazing animated banners:)






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