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Amazon has a great affiliate programme for many obvious reasons such as it provides million of products to promote.

Amazon is reliable

You will get paid for every purchase that made through your website.

 But do you know that Amazon affiliate programme is a country-specific?

Amazon right now has 13 different affiliate programs across the globe  It means if you have signed up Amazon’s affiliate programme from a specific country, you will not receive the affiliate commission if anyone buys a product from other countries, which end up leaving a lot of money on the table.

The best solution is

What is


GeniusLink (url is: is a universal link service.  You can describe as intelligent links, link localization, global linking, universal linking, or link globalization.

In short, if you are using the genius link on your site, you will earn an commission globally,  

Why one should use

Genius Link will help send your visitors to the page where they have the best chance of making a purchase.

Genius Link detects a shopper’s country, language, device, and more, then routes them to the best page for them.

It’s automatic for Amazon, iTunes, and Microsoft. Plus, you can define custom destinations for any other affiliate program has a great feature-Amazon Health Link Monitor – which allows you to track a broken link or if a product goes out of stock, so you can update it immediately.

Manage all your affiliate links from one place

No matter how many programs, websites, or campaigns you run, one Genius Link account keeps them separate and effortlessly organized.

you don’t need to log in to 6 different dashboards or use ugly spreadsheets anymore.

Amazon claimed that their links are globalized, but in most of the cases it may not be.  How to find out if Amazon links are globalized.

Go to and paste one of your Amazon link, if it goes to, the link is not globalized, and you are loosing your international affiliate commission.

Does it really increase your Affiliate Commission?

On average for every 10% of international traffic, a client sees they are able to increase their original/base country revenue by about 5% from turning on Genius links Amazon link localization and auto-affiliation.  

For example, if a website has 20% international traffic then using Genius link should add a bump of approximately 10% to their total Amazon commissions due to monetizing their international clicks.  

If a site had 50% international traffic then they would see an approximately 25% bump, etc.


If you are promoting Amazon, then is a must for you.  Amazon provides its one link, but is much better than one link.

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the best part about is integrating not only Amazon affiliate programme but all of your affiliate programmes and saves your time and energy.

The value for money is also great as it costs only $2 for 1000 clicks.  so no-brainer here!

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