How To Get Your Website Ranked On First Page of Google

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get your website ranked on first page google


This is the ultimate goal for anyone who works Online, be a blogger , a Youtube channeler, Website owners – are a few to name.    Who does not want to ?  Online work needs hard work, patience, and persistence to sustain in this Virtual World.

First, if you want to get your website ranked on the first page of  Google, better to start off with your individual page of a website.  we will target  each and every post  of your site to be  rank in Google, and when a  majority of your posts rank in Google,  automatically, and definitely your website is going to be ranked on the first page of Google.

Strategy to rank on the first page of   how to get your website ranked first on Google


Which are the most important factors that lead you to  Get ranked on the first page ?  You can divide them into On-Page SEO factors and Off-Page factors.

You have full control over On-Page  SEO , but that can not be said about Off-page SEO factors.

To name a few factors for good ranking about On-Page SEO Factors :

  1. Meta  Titles
  2. Meta Description
  3. Using multimedia i.e images, youtube or your own videos relevant to your post.
  4. H2 Tags in Sub-headings
  5. Inbound and Outbound linking
  6. Use of  LSI Keywords
  7. Quality Content
  8. Length of your content
  9. Responsive design
  10. Comments on your post.

Now these are the important factors that you must consider if you want to be on the top pages of any Search Engine.

If you notice, in most of the factors mentioned above you have to / or must use specific targeted keywords relevant to your niche.


It is the best practice to use Keywords in Title of your post.  If you are using WordPress, then it automatically converts your Title in Meta Title.

Meta Title is Permalink i.e  URL + Title of your post




As a rule of thumb, you should use your keywords in your Meta Description.  If you are using All in One Seo for your blog, it automatically creates the meta description for your each post.  Meta Description should reflect the correct picture of your post, so always try to manually put it in the provided area for it.   It is always better to use your keywords within the 140 characters of description.

If you scroll down your post, you will see the area provided :



We all love to have images on our posts.  Images give a nice look to your site, making it visually appealing.  Image Optimization gives a great boost to your rankings in search engines.  All images on your blog should be optimized for good SEO by correct Alt Tag Option, by using your keywords.



When you add an image to your post, be sure to fill  Alt Text area with the proper keyword using hyphens in it.  If you want you can add Caption and Description too.  But Alt-text is a must.

Next  other options  are :

Alignment : placement of Images left, right ,center.

Link To :  Choose None or link to any specific URL, here I am going to Link this image to my WA account, so if you click the image, it will lead you to WA .

Choose the open link in new tab to open your images in the new tab.

size :  Choose a suitable size for your image.


So if you  click the below image, it will lead you to WA homepage.  Check it now if it is working !




Using  H2 tags + keywords  in Subheadings  is another great way to increase your ranking.


LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing keywords) are synonyms of your main keyword.  The best examples of LSI Keywords are “searches related to ” words when you search on Google at the end of the page .

Your main keyword is not LSI Keyword but, the highlighted words like – SEO, meta, generator etc. are LSI Keywords which you can use in your posts.



So by now, you must have been realized the importance of Keywords for better ranking and how to  and where to use your keywords in your post.  It is always been better to use Low Hanging Fruits /  Keywords for your posts  to get good ranking.


What is Low Hanging Fruit Keyword ?

low hanging fruit keyword


Low Hanging Fruit Keyword simply means Low competition Keyword.  Mostly when we choose a keyword , we tend to pick up the keyword with more traffic, say a fruit at the top, so obviously more competition to get ranked for.

Low hanging fruit keyword is like a fruit which is smaller / less traffic and so less competition = more chances to get ranking.  Let me explain with the example.  In the following screenshot,  the keyword is “how to rank in google fast”.

The first result is -” how to rank in google fast” – with QSR/Competition is 15  whereas for the keyword – ” how to rank in google”- QSR / Competition is 238.  So it’s always better to go for the low Competition keyword.

QSR / Competition simply means the number of pages on Google competing for the same keyword.  So it does make the sense to write around a keyword which has a less competition.


keyword research





Please make sure your keyword should make sense to human understanding .  In above screenshot you will see a phrase with lowest QSR 4 -“how to ranking in google search”,  the phrase is grammatically incorrect, and should be avoided.

I want to share a webinar by Jay – an hour long video – A live Low Hanging Fruit Case Study ! – Only available to Premium Members of Wealthy Affiliate.


Live Low Hanging Fruit Case Study png



I am sure definitely you  must have learned few tips from this video about Low Hanging Fruit.


Results of Low Hanging Fruit Keywords.

Using a low hanging fruit keywords is a result oriented method  , and here are few  success stories of this strategy.

Low Hanging Fruit does work by Azmis

Low Hanging Fruit Works ! by Pencherry.

Low Hanging Fruit – this works ! by Freeva 7


So, why not try this  method of Low-hanging Fruit Keywords for your website ranked on the first page of  Search Engines.  This is time tested method, which needs  hard work and patience, but at the end of the day you get the results and that’s matters !!

Do you use Low Hanging Fruit Keywords or do you have any other strategy for good ranking ?  Would you like to share with us ?

Please share this with your friends if you think it is good to use Low Hanging Fruit Keywords for getting better ranking in Search Engines.



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