Shreem Brzee – Online Initiation from Dr.Pillai!!

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Why Full Moon is important for Money Manifestation?

On the Full Moon day itself, there is a tremendous amount of energy available on the earth plane; the Gods and Goddesses also come to the earth plane.

The full moon is the perfect opportunity to transform our consciousness and build a new foundation of creativity and abundance. Also, many enlightened beings and archetypes visit the earth plane during this time and their blessings are abundantly available for humanity.

During this Full Moon, you can connect with the Divine energies abundantly available to magically obtain wealth consciousness. At a time when the world is at the tipping point of another economic crisis, the Full Moon time windows provide a sacred opportunity to turn around your fortune.

Dr.Pillai introduces Shreem Brzee Wealth Rising 6 Month online Programme to create new Money Karma!

Friends, don’t miss this opportunity to get initiation from Dr.Pillai.

3 thoughts on “Shreem Brzee – Online Initiation from Dr.Pillai!!”

  1. Dear guruji,

    Sadar pranam, charan sparsh.

    I would like to have an online initiation of Shreem Brzee mantra. please help me. I have your audio of shreem brzee which was sent to me by email. Is that an initiation of the mantra by just listening.

    with love and regards
    Ajay kumar
    0091 9072623107

    • Hey Ajay,
      I am also a follower of Dr.Pillai, and yes you can hear the Shreem Brzee mantra daily. But for initiation, you have to enroll in a special programme for it.
      Will send you detail on your mail address.

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