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Why Does My Business Need Website?

    Every business, of any size, need an  online presence or should have a website.  So the question “why does my business need a website?” need a serious think if you have a business . Having a website can boost your business in many ways, your website represents all about your business and your persona. The fact that more…

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Wealthy Affiliate

Do Not Join Wealthy Affiliate ….Definitely You Are Going to Regret…

  Yessssss….you heard that right !!!! If you don’t read this post…..definitely you are going to regret it later… Don’t blame me then ♥♥   Why am telling you not to join the Wealthy affiliate, will be cleared from following facts.  But first, let’s see what is Wealthy Affiliate is all about? Wealthy Affiliate is an All In One Program for…

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Free Tools

Unlock Enormous Authentic Keywords with Jaaxy

Another Free Tool – Keyword Research Tool Keyword Research is finding the right keyword for your niche.  Finding targeted keyword and getting ranked is quite easy with Jaaxy. Find more about Jaaxy . . Jaaxy can easily find out the profitable keywords and niches . Try out for yourself


Amazon The Great Indian Sale – Starts Today !!

Much awaited Amazon The Great Indian Sale starts on 1st October at sharp 00.oo am. From 1st to  5th September, Amazon celebrates The Great Indian Festive of Diwali, by offering discounts up to 70% on different categories, so don’t lose this opportunity for a good save !!       Diwali is the Greatest Festival of India, celebrated by all and one.  You must…

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Jaaxy a keyword tool review
Wealthy Affiliate

Jaaxy – a keyword tool – review

The importance of keyword Research can not be enough emphasized with the ever growing popularity of  online marketing. A keyword is a  word or set of words,  typed  in the search engines to find their desired results.  Keywords drive a targeted audience to your business for free .  Using right keywords is the utmost important for  converting into sales. So when there…

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Sweeping the Globe – Go Pokémon games

    Pokémon Go App goes viral with more than 75 million downloads. It is free to play, location-based augmented reality game. It is developed and published by Niantic.  By using GPS, players try to locate, capture, battle and train thePokémon.     As the game is used augmented reality, Pokémon appears on the screen as if they were in the same…

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points to remember

Things to remember while working with PTC sites

PTC sites are very popular with newbies as well as professionals.  PTC sites are very easy to work with but  there are certain things to remember that you  should be careful while working with. While registering for a PTC site following things must be taken into consideration, so be careful about it. The site must be paying continuously for at…

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