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PTC sites are very popular and the easiest way to make money online. Still many people are not aware of how PTC sites work and what are PTC sites about. The full form of PTC is PAID TO CLICK sites.

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PTC websites work as a middleman between advertisers and the consumers/viewers. The advertiser pays the PTC sites to show advertising and a part of this amount is paid to the viewer, when he views the advertisement.





Basic requirements for working with PTC sites

The basic requirements for working with PTC sites or  to work  online, you need

  1. a bank account
  2. an online payment  account like Paypal, Payza, Neteller etc.  Paypal is trusted by most PTC sites as their  payment  method
  3. an email address.

Paypal is an online payment service that allows to transfer money electronically, and Paypal is linked with most of the PTC sites as their official online payment method.  You can create an account with Paypal for free.


Easy way to create an account with Paypal.

As a starter you should open a “personal” account instead “Business” account.  You can always upgrade your account to Business from personal but can’t do vice-versa.




How to sign in with PTC sites?

To sign in with PTC sites is really very easy, and you can join PTC sites for free and make money.

Visit the PTC site and you need to fill the sign in form with required details and you are ready to make money.

Just be careful to sign in with legit PTC sites.

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precautions while working

PTC sites are very popular but at the same time there are large number of scam PTC sites, which do not pay on time or have a very dubious background.  So be very careful while working with PTC sites.

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Best part of working with PTC sites.

  • PTC sites pay you just for watching some advertisements, every single day.  Click daily ads regularly and you can add some decent amount into your account.
  •   There is no restriction on how many PTC sites you  can join and can join n number of PTC sites, and make money.
  • PTC sites have other sources to make money like playing grids, surveys etc.
  • Almost all PTC sites have referral programmes, where you can add other members as your referrals and can make additional money.



So Friends, you see it’s really easy to sign in and start working in PTC sites.  PTC sites can make you some decent money if you work with them for some time, without fail.  As many PTC sites block your account if you don’t log in for more than a month or so.

Every PTC site has its own Terms and Conditions, so make sure to read all these T&C.

The best way to make money with PTC sites is to get as many referrals as possible, so spread a word about the PTC sites with whom you are working.  Tell your friends and relatives, and you will be able to make some extra bucks.

Are you finding it interesting, then let’s start with Clixsense, the most trusted PTC site since 2007.  Just click the banner and you are ready to make money with PTC.




Do you think PTC sites are worth trying? What do you think about PTC sites?  pl. let me know your your thoughts in the comment section.  Share this article if you think it’s useful to some of your friends and family members.

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