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Pokémon Go App goes viral with more than 75 million downloads. It is free to play, location-based augmented reality game.

It is developed and published by Niantic.  By using GPS, players try to locate, capture, battle and train thePokémon.


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As the game is used augmented reality, Pokémon appears on the screen as if they were in the same real world location as the player.

The game is free to play but it supports in-app purchases for additional items.

The game is receiving mix reactions from all over  sections of the society, positive and most of the negatives.  In India, it is not officially launched yet, but discussions on television and other social media opposing  it.download (51)

The discussion mainly focusing on the point that playing  Pokémon Go game,  turning into addiction, giving harmful results within weeks of its release.  On the other hand, some panelist mentioned it rightly that it is not possible to ban the game.

Yes, in India, its creating harsh reactions to the extent that many people demanded the total ban on it.

Every day stories of  mishaps, accidents, robbery are common now.  In India, a 26-year-old, damaged his Mercedes car while playing Pokémon  Go for the first time.

Mumbai Police on a precautionary step tweeted a video warning people about the game and its devasting results.



In India, Facebook groups and What’s app groups  forwarding this  message, sent by Col.Prabhakar Chitale which addresses a serious issue:

According to him, all the data collected through cellphone cameras  saved in a gigantic server in Singapore and about 1800 people per shift monitoring that data round the clock.  They can see the land, roads, buildings, offices, residences, transport facilities, shops, malls, without incurring any risk.

He accused that playing this game you are sending sensitive information to your enemy.


Not only India but many other countries are also worried about the horrified consequences of this game.

Indonesia :

In Indonesia, the defense minister banned the police and military personnel from playing the game on duty and declared the game as a security threat.

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France :

French Pokémon Go player Romain Pierre, 27, was arrested on Indonesian military base but was freed when found entered the base unintentionally.

Saudi Arabia :

Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa or Islamic law and forbidden the Pokémon go in the country.  It states that it  “encourages gambling and polytheism.”  Religious authorities in Saudi Arabia accused the game of promoting Zionism as  “most of the cards figure six-pointed stars, a symbol of international Zionism and the state of Israel,” Muslim parents are warned  to keep their children away from the Pokemon.


Portugal :

Portuguese police actually published a list of commonsense rules for playing the game and warned not to hunt while driving.  It also posted a message on Facebook page,

“Don’t go hunting alone” and “don’t enter private property, it’s a crime.”

So you see many countries are opposing this game for  different reasons, some people strongly supporting the Pokémon Go game.

The reason they gave is that this game inspires the players to go outdoors and thus, is good  physical activity.

Latest happenings :download (6)

Another incident where a Pokémon  go player saves a life of a person suffering from heatstroke.

Bon Vallite playing the game outside a hotel, when he noticed a man vomiting blood and to be in weak condition.

“So it turned out, instead of finding my first Pikachu character in Pokemon Go, I find a man looking for help while he was flimsy and later vomited blood,” Vallite said.


Toronto officials want Pokemon Go sites moved away from ferry terminal

Toronto officials reluctant the way hundreds of  players trying to catch the Pokemon using this popular spot, with several “stops” and “gyms”, while some leaving a mess behind.

While some players held a clean up for the popular spot,  clean up  organizer complain that isn’t fair and hopes for the change of heart of the officials. 

“We wanted to come out and show them that we can be responsible users of the space,” Virgo, the clean up organiser  said.

Some interesting findings like Pokemon go increased sales of battery pack by 101% since the game is a battery hog !!

According to the NDP, portable battery sales have skyrocketed since the Pokémon Go launch
Over 1.2 million units were sold during the 2 weeks after the game hit the streets.
Quite conflicting stories all around the globe, it’s up to the players not to lose control over the Pokemon Go.  
Play safe !!


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