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Website :

Price: $0 – Starter free account

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Suitable for: All

Overall rank: 95/100


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online University, to help people succeed online, where you can enroll by just paying $0, yes you are right!!

It’s totally free to join.

OK !! you joined WA, you create your profile and start with your training Get Started,  by the Lesson 4, you are ready to build your own website, within a minute, you have your own website !!

Feeling nice no!  but that’s not all !!

you will get step by step training to move on to your site!

It’s amazing, it’s a routine now in Wealthy Affiliate.


Ways How Wealthy Affiliate can help you 

  • Wealthy Affiliate Focus on all of the  training is teaching you how to create a successful, long-term business within the online space.
  • Wealthy Affiliate promises you a competitive advantage over your fellow webmasters.  WA  keeps you ahead of the curve in terms of what works today and what will work tomorrow.
  • The training within Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to capitalize on any idea, interest, or passion that you have.
  • No experience necessary, no product required.
  • Earn While You Learn.  It’s the New Normal in Wealthy Affiliate.  There are different  ways you can earn while you learn.
  • Everything is live in Wealthy Affiliate.  Live Chat, Live Classes, Live Interaction, and Live Expert Help are all big components of your educational experience at Wealthy Affiliate.

 Available Memberships within Wealthy Affiliate

You join WA as a free member and if you wish you can remain as a free member for a life, no issue.  But obviously, Premium membership offers a lot more than free membership.  Have a look…



Main Features of Wealthy Affiliate :  Training , Tools, Community, and Support

Training in Wealthy Affiliate is exceptional, and up to date, still it’s very simple to follow.  Even a newbie can follow the training easily .

“Simplicity to the end user is the ultimate form of programmatic sophistication.”- is the motto of Wealthy Affiliate.

The training structure is divided into two parts

1.Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting started – 5 Phases Each having 10 lessons (total 50 lessons)

Free membership includes  the access of full phase 1 of Online Entrepreneur Certification Course 


2.Affiliate Bootcamp Course – 6 Phases Each having 10 lessons (total 60 lessons)

Free membership includes  the access to the 1st phase of Affiliate Bootcamp Course.


So, you see as a Free member also, you get access to phase 1 of both, Online Entrepreneur Certification Course as well as Affiliate Bootcamp Course.


Hey, and that’s not all about training in Wealthy Affiliate,  here’s some more :


Live Video Classes :  Every weekend Live Video class by Jay Neil  i.e  52 yearly Live Video Classes  for Premium Members Only.


Unlimited Blogs and Training by Wealthy Affiliate members.

I tried to give you the exact figure of available training within WA, but unable to……extremely sorry for that…..just because every day new training added to WA library .  You can just imagine the number of training available with the whooping 5,80,000 +  community members, anybody can contribute to WA training.  ( As a token of admiration,  you get paid for creating a valuable training to Wealthy Affiliate Community !!! )

Classroom Training

Classroom Training provides  you  a full view of the available Tutorials, Videos, Courses, Questions asked and Comments received on a particular topic such Get Started training, WA affiliate Programme, Keyword, Niche and Market Research and so on.  It’s really of a great help when you want to do a study on a particular topic.  Just amazing !!


Tools at Wealthy Affiliate  : Siterubix .com


Wealthy Affiliate takes pride and joy in providing each and every tool needed to build a successful Online business Click To Tweet, be it website, website analysis, management, ranking, security, hosting, keyword research tool and much more.

Every successful online business needs a strong foundation i.e. website.  Wealthy Affiliate has its own domain platform section, which is the heart of the WA Hosting Platform. This is where websites are created, built, developed, set up, maintained and supported through WordPress.


Siterubix has other sub-categories under it like, Site-Manager, Site- Domains, Site-Feedback, Site-Comment, Site-Email, and Site-Support.

Site Manager is a place where you can manage all your sites and view the site health of your site.  Site Health is a tool available where you can easily monitor your site, What your site lacking and where you should need to focus.

Site-domains where you can purchase your domains on WA platform itself.  Websites, domains, and the management of your websites are fully integrated within the SiteRubix platform.

The SiteDomains platform at Wealthy Affiliate will instantly allow you to uncover any domain in seconds.


Access and purchase .com, .net, .org, .info and all of your other favourite top-level domains in an instant.


No upsells while purchasing a domain, if you compare domain purchasing with some others like Godaddy, Namecheap, you will find it’s affordable and convenient to host a website at WADOMAIN


Site-feedback, where you can ask for the feedback on your site from other WA members.

Site-Comment , a fabulous platform where you can offer your comment on other’s site and can earn credits. These credits you can use to request comments from your fellow WA members.

Site-Email, if you are a premium member,  you can have your domain oriented email, totally free at WA.    Email addresses organized by domain. SMTP settings allow for integration with Gmail, Outlook, iPhone or any other mail client.

Site support is just amazing , and any problem gets solved within minutes.


OKK, just check this out…What Alan has to say about site support available at Wealthy Affiliate  !!




Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate has a built-in tool that allows finding keyword phrases to use in articles. It is called the WA Keyword Tool. The purpose is to help you determine best possible keyword phrases to use that are relevant to your article.

Almost every transaction online typically starts with a search, and being able to target search terms allows attracting traffic at will.

Keyword Tool provided here is no less than any other Keyword Tool.

Rapid Writer is another tool available here in WA.


WA community is just awesome

Boasting 8,00,000+ members from more than 150 countries, is itself an example of how successfully WA community works. Click To Tweet The environment is very warm and enthusiastic in WA.  Almost every member try to help each other, and this is the main highlight of WA.





Support at WA is one of its kinds !!   What kind of support are you expecting when you join any Online program?  WA support overpasses any of the programs.

An international community with 195 countries, Wealthy Affiliate community never sleeps. Click To Tweet  Someone always presents there to answer your question at 2.00 Am also

Think of attending a school with many teachers per every student, that is the type of service that you can expect at WA.

I have told you about technical support also, but can you just imagine that…… the Owners of WA,

Kyle and Carson, are available most of the time to solve your problems, answer your questions and can discuss with them on one to one basis  …

this is really unbelievable for me,

until I joined WA and asked any amount of questions to Kyle and get the best possible answers to my questions.  Amazing !!!


What Wealthy Affiliate is not ?



Wealthy Affiliate is NOT  a get rich scheme, it provides you detail training, tools, and skills required to build an Online Business.  Now it’s up to you how do you utilize all these resources to benefit you.


Wealthy Affiliate is not for spammers, WA prohibits any type of spams.  It is a totally spam-free atmosphere in which WA community works.


Pros and cons of wealthy Affiliate

Plethora of knowledge

You will not find a better education in website creation, keyword research, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), writing content, niche ideas, and so much more training and resources anywhere else online or offline for the same cost.

Every possible tool for a successful Online business is available in Wealthy Affiliate.

A very supportive, spam free community by 24/7.

$0 investment as a starter member, full seven days to assess the system.  If you decide to go premium within 7 days of free trial, for the first month you pay only $19, i.e. 59% discount.

Easy to follow lessons with a daily task to complete.



One can get distracted if involve too much in Live Chat, the community is so live that if you do not concentrate on your work, one will lose focus.

sometimes your question might not be seen, but you can always ask again in a minute or two, someone most likely will answer.



$0 as a Starter Member free to join

$19 for the first month (59% discount if you join premium within 7 days)

$49 per month /as a premium member

$359 yearly membership ( most convenient and economical, as you save $229) as against monthly membership $49 x 12 = $588


BANGLADESH, EGYPT, INDIA, NIGERIA, PAKISTAN, PHILIPPINES,VIETNAM are some of the countries which are not allowed to join as a free member.  But they can join as a Premium members.  Because of high rates of fraud and gaming WA not  allowing Starter accounts from these countries.

But you can join WA by registering from any nearby country to get a free membership.


Final verdict



Wealthy Affiliate is an Online University which aims is more of a service and far less of a product.  It never does fabricated claims of making rich you overnight. It’s more work like a university, which provides you each and everything from tools to training.  It’s really up to a person to use all these tools to make his goals achieved.  WA helps you at every step towards your goals.

Dedication, persistence, hard work and never die attitude helps you to achieve your goals.

So join today, start your seven-day free trial !

And if you are thinking of joining WEALTHY AFFILIATE, I will give you A special BONUS  from my side totally FREE !!



Once you enroll for free starter membership, I will personally guide you through the process and how to move forward step by step guidance.

In addition, if you become a premium within your initial seven-day free trial, you will get a huge 59% discount (i.e. you have to pay only $19 instead monthly $49 !!)


Feel free to ask any queries and doubts,  I will be more than happy to answer your queries !!


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4 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Great review. I had no idea that Wealthy Affiliate had so much to offer. Definitely seems like an outstanding program. Can’t wait to check it out.


  2. hi again, mint man here.
    your numbers need correction above.
    whooping 5,80,000 + community members
    Boasting 8,00,000+ members

    1. Thanks Tom,

      Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome Online University and that’s the reason it’s just difficult to keep our posts updated.
      Stats Changed!
      Today’s Official Stats Of WA Members:
      1.3 Million +

      Check Here

      More than happy to update my posts daily:))


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