Things to remember while working with PTC sites

points to remember
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PTC sites are very popular with newbies as well as professionals.  PTC sites are very easy to work with but  there are certain things to remember that you  should be careful while working with.

While registering for a PTC site following things must be taken into consideration, so be careful about it.

  • The site must be paying continuously for at least two years.


  • The PTC site should have various earning opportunities.


  • The forum must be well maintained, active and should provide support on the forum.


  • Customer Support is another important part of PTC sites.  It must be responsive when you submit a ticket for your queries.


  • The PTC site must have solid member base, must have a big number of members working with it.


  • The Owner of the site must not be involved into previous Scam sites.


  • Always remember that no PTC site can afford to give you $1 or more per click.  Always stay away from such claims.


  • Always visit the forum section of any PTC site before joining it.  Forum section will give you a clear picture of the site.  If it is full of complaints, delay payment queries, be cautious.


  • Never use the proxy connection or shared computer/network to log in or work  with any PTC site, as most of the sites do not allow  and cancel your account.


  • Most of the sites give good return after you upgrade your account, but unless and until you are sure about that site, do not upgrade.


  • Always look for valid income proof ( Print screenshot  with banking transaction performed).


Always keep your eyes wide open , while working on the Internet, it’s full of scammers, so it’s always better to take precautions before registering to any site.

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