Why Does My Business Need Website?

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Every business, of any size, need an  online presence or should have a website.  So the question “why does my business need a website?” need a serious think if you have a business .

Having a website can boost your business in many ways, your website represents all about your business and your persona. The fact that more than 90% of the consumers use the internet to search for the  products and services before they make any purchase, make it very important to your business to have your website.   But the fact is 46% of small business owners do not have a website to promote their business.


What do you think about the following quote from Mr.Bill Gates?






Definitely, Mr.Gates is a visionary.

Let’s discuss some of the major factors why you should have a website for your business:

1.Growing popularity of Intenet and it’s influence on customer buying cycle:





The growing number of internet users clearly making a difference in people’s buying and purchasing patterns.

As stated above, more than 90% of the people searched the  internet before making any purchase.


So this is a big reason that you should have a website for your business.  when people searched online for a product, probably they visit your site and you will gain more customer and  sale.

Instead, think of a situation, where your customers search for your product and services online, and your online presence is missing, they don’t find your website you lose a customer.


2. Website gives your business a much-needed credibility.

When you have a website, your business gets more credibility.  As your customer can find you anytime on net, it gains their confidence and recognizes your business as a real.  On the other hand, many of you must have heard the cases, where one loose their business just because they don’t have a website.  Today it is taken for granted that a business, it must have a website.  so if, one find that you don’t have a website, it’s taken as non-professionalism.


3.Websites are not just local, they are GLOBAL.

Web sites give your business a global appearance.  your business reaches every nook and corner of the world as it can be found by one and all.  Brick and mortar business i.e. your physical shop can give you an access to your local customers, but once your business is online, your business can be found globally.  So more customers for you !


4.Websites are always accessible 24x7x365.24x7

Your website can help yu greatly in reaching more people and giving your more business, in respect that they are not only working globally but also can be accessed by your customer 24×7, anytime throughout the year.

On the other hand, your physical shop needs to be closed on certain days and subject to  closing timing.  Physical shops also need more maintenance i.e staff, electricity and so on, compare to a website.


5.Web site saves your money and time.

When you have a website for your business, you save a huge money spent on advertising.  When you have a physical shop you have to advertise your business through different mediums and need to spend a lot of money.

But with a website, you can just write a blog or any needed information relating to your business and can publish on different social media which are totally free !!

In this  way, a website saves your time also.


6.Websites are the best platforms to showcase your work.

With a website, you can showcase all your work or all your stuff to your customers which otherwise not possible with a physical shop where you can have a limited space.  With a website, you can give a detailed view of your work and that way you can always keep your customers informed about your work.


7.Web sites influence your business positively.

There is no doubt, that a well-maintained website can grow your business dramatically.   A good website gives all necessary information regarding your business to your customers .

A good website always influences your business in a positive way.


By now, have you started thinking of having your own website ? Good, I know what you are thinking now ?

How much it costs to build a website?

And what if I don’t know anything about coding and technical stuff?


No Problem at all !!

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If you have any queries pl let me know in the comment section below, I will be more than happy to help you to make a right decision in building your online career.

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18 thoughts on “Why Does My Business Need Website?

  1. The most obvious reason I believe is that websites are available all the time and it is like a passive communication to visitors yet interactive, nice article.

  2. Great points! I totally agree. Websites are the ones that take the business from local to global and popularize it. Presence in social media is also equally important.

    1. Hi Bhusha, thanks for stopping by. The Internet makes it must have your own website to grow your business, otherwise, it is looked upon as unprofessional. No doubt, social media plays a huge role to popularize your business.

    1. Right, Emmanuel, it is one of the most important features of the website. You don’t need a huge space to showcase all of your work. One good website can serve many purposes.

  3. You make very convincing points for having your own website if you are in business of any kind in today’s world. It doesn’t matter what age you are or where you live, you can learn the skills to create a business that you are passionate about. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you do have be patient, persistent and remain focused on the right activities.

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